It was one snowy day in the Treasure Valley and I was out back smoking a cigarette. This was my getaway to think and brainstorm on radio promotions. This was kind of a "think tank" for me I guess you could say.

My good friend Lucky the Dj walked out to me while the snow was pounding one day. He handed me an e-cig and told me to quit killing myself. Mmmmm.

That was 8 years ago and I have taken one puff off a cigarette since. True story. I used that e-cig for about 6 months after and I think that assisted in my breaking the habit. I wasn't searching for berry flavored products. This wasn't a vaping situation. I basically quit smoking by dismantling that habit. You can thank Lucky for that.

Today we see vaping everywhere and it might even be setting things backward as more of the younger consumer is now vaping. When was the last time you saw someone smoking in public? Could this be the beginning of the end of paper cigarettes?

Rite Aid thinks so. The popular convenience store is pulling all e-cigarettes and vaping products chainwide. Rite Aid also joins Walgreens in raising the legal age to purchases tobacco products from 18 to 21.

Raising the age for purchasing tobacco products is an important step in our efforts to ensure that these products do not fall into the hands of children and teens, - Bryan Everett, chief operating officer of Rite Aid Corporation,

I'm sure there will be backlash but it might be time to come up with a plan. I don't think this is going to let down, just spread to other businesses. The ban and age restrictions should be final by September 1, 2019.

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