I'd be lying if I said Twilight wasn't one of the first things I thought of when I found out I was moving to the Pacific Northwest. Washington, Oregon, and California all played host to the cold, dark, wooded, and mysterious aesthetic that each Twilight movie embodied. As far as we know, no scenes in the Twilight saga were filmed in Idaho. However, all filming locations are still remotely close and only a day's trip away if you live in the Gem State.

One of the saga's most pivotal scenes where Edward reveals to Bella that he's actually a vampire was filmed about 6.5 hours away from Boise. As it turns out multiple shots in different locations were used for this scene but one of those locations is the Oxbow Regional Park in Oregon. Oxbow Regional Park is located at 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway in Gresham, Oregon. It's popular for its nationally designated Wild and Scenic Sandy River which carves beautiful cliffs and creates beaches in the park. The park also offers 12 miles of hiking trails.

Plenty of other scenes were shot in Oregon, most of which are close to the Portland, coastal region. There's the Carver Café you can visit in Damascus which was one of the first spots Bella visited when she arrived in Forks. Also in Oregon sits the Multnomah Falls - which besides where the iconic baseball scene took place in the movie, the beauty of the waterfall attracts visitors from all over the country on its own.

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