Every single time this guy is in town, it's a sell out. This concert is going to be NO different. In fact, while we're writing this, there isn't a single ticket available on TicketFly, through the Revolution Concert House, or on NF's official tour website.

Of course, as Boise's #1 NF Station, we're ready to get you into one of this years most anticipated concerts!

We have STACKS of tickets that hundreds of people online are trying to get their hands on and Keke + Kat, your first kiss in the morning, are taking care of you every single morning this week.

Want to get into this show? Have Keke + Kat with you in the car or anywhere you go via our free 103.5 KISS FM App each morning at 7:10! 

I guess I should mention...we're getting you backstage, too. Details, details...

One thing that we all love and admire about NF is that his music calls for so much passion and emotion from fans--it's extremely contagious and we're ready to get the Treasure Valley's BIGGEST NF fans into this show! Check out this video I took from the top of our KISS vehicle last year!

Make sure you're taking Mikey, myself, and Christine with you as well-- we're ready to spread the NF love with the Treasure Valley all week!

Check out the event, invite your friends, and learn more about this NF show, HERE.


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