It's a festival that has been a staple not only in the Basque Block of downtown Boise for decades--but for our city as a whole. Perhaps you didn't know that Boise, outside of Spain, is the largest population of Basque's in the entire world! A population driven here during a time of mining years ago and now one that brings so much culture and fun to our city.

Having attended a Jesuit university myself, St. Ignatius, or San Inazio, is no stranger. Known for his good deeds, care for the marginalized, and spirituality of contemplation, he's the "patron" of the Basque culture and the center of some of the highest regarded universities around the world.

The feast day--or the day that the Catholic Church acknowledges San Inazio--is on July 31st and this weekend, the Basque Block will be hosting their annual celebration of his life and culture. If you've never been before, I highly recommend checking it out!

All weekend, there will be live music, live dancing, and some of the best food and drinks you've ever had. Have you ever mixed coca-cola with wine? It's surprisingly amazing and will be a popular drink this weekend.

Admission is free and it's right in the heart of downtown Boise on Grove Street, between 6th and Capitol.

For more on this awesome event, click HERE.

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