I have type II diabetes, so I really try to control my sugar intake, but...you know, sometimes you get a sweet tooth and you just needs something.  So when I'm being "bad", I can still be "good".  Especially if I stop by ‘Sweet Zola’s", on Main Street in Meridian.  How can I feel good about it?  Well, "Sweet Zola's", isn't just an ordinary candy shop, owner Cyndy Radovich, started a business, with a purpose.  Cyndy, wanted to create a place to hire special needs employees. The store opened February 4th, 2019 and already employees 10 part-time employees, who work a range of hours.

This isn't Cyndy Radovich's first experience with special needs citizens.  She's had her own consulting business for over 12 years  Autism and Developmental Consultation, helping families and special needs clients work through all the issues.

So why Sweet Zola's Candy Shop? Well Radovich put's it this way...“I want everyone to see that people with disabilities can do the same jobs that we do,” she says. “What I’m saying to the world is everyone needs to do this. Employ these individuals. I shouldn’t be the only one doing this. It changes these individuals’ lives and creates self-esteem.”

It's also super cool, she named it after her 2 year-old daughter.

So we really need to support our local businesses, but especially when they have a "special purpose"

If you want to learn more about Sweet Zola's CLICK HERE

On a side note...how do you feel about SourPatch Kids?

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