If you get a call from Officer Joel Woodward from the Nampa PD, it's probably a creepy imposter.

KBOI reported that Treasure Valley residents are receiving phone calls from a person (or persons) posing as Officer Woodward. During the call, they're asking people for a credit card or debit card number to pay for a multitude of things. Officer Woodward explains:

They failed to report to jury duty or they had some sort of civil fine where they were requesting debit card or visa card and trying to get that information sent to this person to pay off some sort of crime or fine so they don’t have to go to jail for it.


While Nampa PD is currently investigating, Officer Woodward and his coworkers are having a little fun at his expense:



Nampa Police wants to assure citizens that they would never ask for money over the phone. It's not their job to collect money or debts.


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