-- Update September 13th, 2023 --

According to Boise Police, since we originally shared this serial robber, two more robberies have taken place. Authorities say that this suspect has a distinct walk, which you can get a glimpse of in the video below. Now, there is a cash award for anyone who can lead authorities to the arrest of this suspect-- how does $5,000 sound? Remember, you can remain anonymous.

When it comes to public safety in the Treasure Valley, overall we're quite safe. Part of what makes the Treasure Valley so special is how little crime actually happens here. Sure, there's the occasional theft or tragedy--and we hate to see those happen--but the magic of our area continues to be that we really look out for our neighbors here in the Boise area.

As the area continues to grow, many expect that crime rates will go up as well--some say it's "inevitable". While we hope that no matter how much we grow, our values will remain the same and be cherished, even by our newcomers, we understand that won't be easy but we can certainly work together to help make that happen.

The Boise Police Department is now asking for the public's help in doing just that--looking out for our community and keeping us safe.

Caught on store security cameras have been a series of robberies--and Boise Police think that it might be the same robber: 

Boise Convenience Store Robbery Caught on Camera

We can't imagine how scary it would be to have his guy walk into someone's late-night shift!

Do you know this man?

Obviously without any actual photos of his face, it's tough to recognize him. However, maybe seeing these masks, how he walks--and in one video you're even able to hear how he sounds--all together may bring him into custody.

You can view footage from Boise Police below: 



It is also important to note that the man is believed to be about 5' 6".

If you or anyone you know might have some information--you are encouraged to call dispatch at 208-377-6790

Here's a look at Boise's Most Wanted: 

LOOK: These 19 People Are Boise's Most Wanted

Yes, even here in the Treasure Valley where crime isn't so rampant, there is a most wanted list. According to the Southwest Idaho Crime Stoppers, these are the most wanted of them all. So many of these mugshots are from Ada and Canyon Counties. Do you recognize anyone?

Idaho's Most Wanted

When it comes to the most wanted criminals in Idaho, the list according to the Idaho Department Corrections is short. There are a total of nine individuals who made the "Most Wanted" list. Do you recognize any of these fugitives? Some have only been on the run for a few months. Take a good look at the photos below and let your local authorities know if you have absolutely any information.

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