Scentsy headquarters is based in Meridian and with the holidays coming up everyone is looking forward to the exquisite, brilliant light display the Scentsy Commons has set up every year. But will people be swayed to stay away from supporting Scentsy after the scathing review posted on Instagram by social media account Dr. Green Mom®, run by Dr. Ashley Mayer?

In a post made earlier this week, she used ten slides and a lengthy caption detailing why she says 'NO' to Scentsy. And her argument boils down to one thing: she alleges that Scentsy wax is toxic and unsafe for people to breathe in, saying "Heat them up and pass the chemical soup around? NO THANK YOU."

She further accuses the company of putting profits over people. "If Scentsy wanted to place health over the bottom dollar, they could easily switch to coconut wax and organic essential oils." And then offered an alternative company to support, called Safe Scents Shop.

If you read through all her slides, she cites several sources with information breaking down exactly what makes Scentsy wax so allegedly horrible.

Scentsy reached out to us with the following statement:

"Scentsy is a family-owned company that cares deeply about our customers’, Consultants’ and community’s health and safety — that’s why we select only the highest-quality ingredients available and work diligently, from concept to finished product, to ensure our fragrances are compliant with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) safe ingredients requirements. Scentsy wax and fragrance oils are BPA-, lead-, gluten- and egg-free. They contain no parabens, nut oils or mineral oils. And many of our Body products are made with shea, aloe vera, sunflower oil and essential oils. Unlike burning candles, Scentsy waxes are gently warmed, so they do not release soot particles, smoke or other ingredients into the air. And many of our oils are single-sourced to help ensure our beautiful scents are equally safe. People who are scent sensitive should use discretion with fragranced products in general, but may prefer the more delicate scents released from our oil diffuser or Scentsy Pod products. Scentsy Warmers are tested for electrical safety and certified by an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)."

You can take a look through and read and research for yourself. I personally love Scentsy and even with this information will probably keep using my warmers. Does that make me a crap person and mom? Maybe? Already there are tons of Scentsy supporters refuting these claims that the products are unsafe. But there's nothing wrong with circulating information, I think. And I'm definitely still looking forward to a stroll through their Christmas lights.

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