While Chris Cruise saved lives at my pool on Sunday (and Mateo watched,)  I left our weekly Sunday Funday pool party early to go do some adult coloring! 

Adult Coloring is gaining popularity across the country and has been shown to help relax the fear center of the human brain, allowing the mind to actually get the rest that it so desperately wants.  I've enjoyed coloring the last couple months, but I hadn't taken the dive into the intricate designs and tiny patterns of adult coloring.  Disney Princess coloring books were still my speed.

That was until I asked my friend Kimberly about some pictures I saw her tagged in on Facebook.  She was at a Color Me Fun party where she and the other ladies there weren't coloring paper, but a Scentsy warmer!

Scentsy featured it's "Reimagine" warmer as the warmer of the month this past April.  It features a butterfly and floral pattern that you color with fine tip Sharpies until you've created your own masterpiece! The best part? If you color outside the lines (come on, we all still do it now and then) you can use rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip to clean up the parts you want to erase!

Sunday night was the first night I worked on mine.  After some wine and three hours of coloring, here's how mine's looking!

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