Do you remember the awful feeling of waking up for school as a kid? Maybe it was just the high school years that I really felt the "pain", though. Growing up in Nampa and going to school at Bishop Kelly in Boise, the early morning wake up and commute was real. Leave the house just a minute late and you're looking at that early morning traffic into Boise that is definitely going to make you late. Avoid said traffic and now you're looking at getting to school way earlier than you would ever need to be. The struggle was real.

Recent studies are showing, however, that these super early mornings may not be the best for students after all.  Are we shocked?

Up north in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, the school district is hearing these results out and considering a later start. In fact, even the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending a start time for schools of 8:30 a.m. or later.

As with any adult but perhaps even more so for children, a lack of sleep can result in obesity, depression, and even increased involvement in auto accidents--all things we would rather NOT have our kids be involved in, right?

How do you feel about bumping back that start time for our schools here in the Treasure Valley? Do you think offering a later start time could help make more great things happen in the classroom?

To learn more about what Coeur d' Alene is reviewing, click HERE.

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