I'm that guy who almost ALWAYS misses these flyovers and I'm making sure it doesn't happen this time. Ray Amaya from sister station 580 KiDO is a total astronomy expert. That said, it is true that I have a reservation onboard InSight Lander in 2018. True story and you can see my itinerary here.

This one you'll have to view from the ground as the International Space Station will be visible for about 5 minutes starting at 7:01 MT. The ISS is around one million pounds that is about the size of Bronco stadium. The ISS is carrying three Americans, two Russians, and an Italian. It will be moving quickly at 17,500 mph as it ends its visibility right over Tablerock. Ray says to look over Bronco stadium for a spot as bright as Venus.

If you miss it on Tuesday you can check it out on Wednesday at approximately 6:54 a.m. moving West to South.

Thanks Ray!

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