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That's right! I haven't mentioned this to my family, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I just signed us all up as a little family 🚀 Today is your last day to book your name on a flight to Mars in May 2018. What's that mean?

  1. Astronaut training.
  2. Perfect vision.
  3. Watched Armaggedon at least once.
  4. Listen to a 30 Seconds to Mars song.
  5. Great frequent flyer miles.
  6. Not afraid of heights.
  7. Able to withstand at least at least 3-times the force of gravity.
  8. Valid email address.

You can cross all those off the list with exception of number eight. You must have an email and you are as good as in! Wait! Did you think I meant a real flight? Let's just say it's half credit? NASA is putting your name on a microchip that will be headed to MARS in the middle of next year. How many people can say their name will be in flight on InSight Lander. This isn't a joke and is a brilliant marketing campaign for NASA. There was a time not that long ago that kids would watch NASA flights in school. Today people can get everything they want online and the emphasis on space travel is more of a been there, done that. Been to MARS?

Go to NASA's website and sign-up here to get your boarding pass and digital itinerary. I think it's pretty cool even though it's just my name. This is the first time NASA has done this type of promotion. The Orion spacecraft carried 1.38 million back in 2014.


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