Summer brings about some of Idaho's best traits: opportunities to explore the great outdoors. While our state is certainly not short on outdoor activities at any point during the year, summer seems to make Idaho a little bit more accessible to the masses.

Who owns a pair of snowshoes, anyway?

While you're out and about in the Idaho wilderness, it's always important to 'leave no trace' and for the most part, Idahoans and outdoor enthusiasts as a whole understand the importance of leaving nature alone.

A recent online debate about a well-intended "disruption" that certainly leaves a trace, has us surprised--and it's a request by the National Forest Service!

Have you ever been out on a hike and seen a stack of rocks? What if we told you that you're encouraged to not only avoid building those...but to KNOCK THEM DOWN!

Here's a deeper look at the 'drama' surrounding stacked rocks

Behind The Argument of Stacked Rocks in Idaho

Some folks say that building 'rock stacks' is a friendly action--but the 'pros' at the National Forest Service have another outlook...

What have you been taught as an outdoor enthusiast? 

Obviously, building these 'cairns' or 'stacked rocks', are well intentioned. Hikers before you wanted you to know that someone has been there before and want to indicate that "this is the way" when signage doesn't exist.

Officials say, however, that this may build a false sense of safety or guidance.

In a recent statement by the rangers at Yosemite National Park, it was explained: 

According to Leave No Trace ethics when we recreate in wilderness spaces, our goal is to leave no signs of our impact on the land and respect other creatures living in it.  Building rock cairns also disturbs small insects, reptiles, and microorganisms that call the underside home!

The agency also explained that rock cairns are useful for hikers--but that building these should be left to forest rangers--and not the average hiker.

In the spirit of hiking--here's some inspiration to get you out into the great outdoors and soak up some really great views!

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