Lurking behind the clean, family-friendly, safe Boise that we're all used to like a not so clean, not so safe, not so family friendly secret. Opioid abuse in the Treasure Valley is at an all-time high. Idaho has been hit hard from the opioid epidemic with little success in stopping youth from gaining easy access to the drugs. But thanks to a new lawsuit announced by the city today, hopefully, all that may change.

The City of Boise announced Thursday that it is filing a lawsuit against 20 pharmaceutical companies for their alleged role in the ongoing escalation of the national and local opioid crisis.
The lawsuit is one of many across the nation being filed against pharmaceutical companies on behalf of cities. Boise Mayor Dave Bieter said it's a good step in combating the opioid epidemic that just last year claimed 110 lives in Boise.

Hopefully, this lawsuit helps battle this problem that continues to plague our city and take lives.

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