Allow me to start this off by saying I am a 34-year-old father of two (soon-to-be three) and I hardly ever get out of the house on a weekend unless it’s for a radio station event or anything similar. So, when my fiancée and kids took a trip out of town to visit our family down in Texas, it was my co-workers who got immediately excited for me to go out and experience downtown Boise “kid-free.”

Have I mentioned that I never get out of the house?

Okay, that’s a stretch. I don’t get out now but I used to. Some time ago, I used to DJ bars and clubs and even work as a barback on the side to make some extra money. Like most service industry people, I can say I’ve seen “a lot” and that typically translates to: “I’ve seen some crazy people.”

But where does that “crazy” behavior come from? Alcohol is usually the key factor behind the shenanigans but we can all agree that not everyone who drinks is going to exhibit bizarre behavior.

When I agreed to head out and meet up with my co-worker, he was DJing at a popular downtown spot. Afterward, he gave me a “grand tour” of downtown Boise’s nightlife. We bounced from spot to spot, assessing the situation, enjoying a drink, and then heading to the next place. During this “tour”, I saw typical drunken acts take place that left other patrons with low brows. You know the type… the person who can’t hold their alcohol.

So, what is that other ingredient that has people making regretful decisions? My theory: maturity… or lack thereof.

More often than not, when my buddy and I witnessed a “bar fail” of any sort, nearly every single one of them involved someone who appeared to have just turned 21.

This begs the question: should there be designated bars with a 25 & up requirement or heck, even a 30 & up requirement?

Let’s break down the top reasons that raising the age limit for SOME bars in Boise would actually be a good idea. Think I’m absolutely crazy?  That’s great too! Let me know why here.

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