If you ask literally any person in Idaho "Hey, how do you feel about gender-neutral bathrooms," you're gonna have a bad time.

It's one of those topics that folks simply cannot find a middle ground on, and it continues to be an argument today.

But what about gender-neutral concerts in Idaho?

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Satanic Idaho Group "Gender Affirmation Ritual"

Pictures taken at the Idaho Capitol building on 2/13/23 of the Satanic Idaho Group's "Gender Affirmation Ritual"

Gallery Credit: Brittiany G.


In case this is a new term to you, please note that gender-neutral means:

The term ‘gender-neutral’ means that something is not associated with either women or men. It may refer to various aspects such as concepts or style of language. However, what is often perceived to be gender-neutral, including in areas of statistics or dissemination of data collected in reference to a population, often reflects gender blindness in practice (a failure to recognize gender specificities).

Meaning, if Idaho were to begin holding "gender-neutral concerts," that would mean that anyone, regardless of gender identity, could attend live music events. Man, woman, non-binary people and others all attending the same concert, listening to the same band, enjoying the same music.

This may come as a shock to you, but Idaho concerts, while not explicitly being labeled as so, are actually gender-neutral. As far as we know, you're totally allowed to see your favorite band play live, regardless of your gender or what gender you identify as.

Does this change your opinion about going to see live music in the Gem State? Are you going to pawn off your tickets now that you're in the know?


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