Yes, there is currently a law in place to keep minors off the streets of Idaho at night.

Is a legally-enforced curfew for adults coming next?

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If you're wondering exactly what is the curfew law for minors in Idaho, you're not alone. We didn't know the explicit law off the top of our head either. Let's dive in, per

Make sure your parents know where you’ll be for the evening. And yes, curfew is still a legal requirement if not a parental one. By law, individuals younger than 18 years of age must be indoors by midnight.


Yep. If you're under 18, you must be indoors by midnight per Idaho law. So, should that law apply to adults as well?

Would the crime rate in Boise go down if all adults were legally obligated to be in their homes at night? What would happen to local businesses that depend on the late-night crowd? Would local places that are open 24-hours a day go out of business?

Also, how would you even enforce this rule? If you're someone who works at a business that closes after midnight, and you're leaving your place of work, are you all of the sudden breaking the law? You can see how this could get a little sticky.


Maybe a curfew could've helped prevent some of these crimes in Idaho, which are still unsolved as of the writing of this article.

Stay safe out there. Even if it's during the day.

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