There are all sorts of different things that you can do with your body when you die, depending on where you live. Often times, we see new and "creative" ways to rest your body on popular news headlines. Everything from being pressed into a "diamond" for jewelry and even being shot up into space are options. While these are all a little "extreme"--and I say that with no ill-will to anyone seriously considering them--there's a movement happening here in the Pacific Northwest that perhaps Idaho should get behind. Believe it or not, the process actually needs to be legalized in order to be executed.

So far, the State of Washington and the State of Oregon have both legalized this post-life process, respectively.

It's called "human composting" and not only is it natural, but it's quite "earthy". Just two weeks ago, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a House Bill that allows for the "natural organic reduction" of bodies into the soil. Human composting. Washington was the first state to make this move back in 2019.

Some refer to this process as a "green burial" and not only is it environmentally friendly, but it costs much less, too-- about $3,000 total. For many, that can be the cost of a casket alone.

If you were to choose this type of "burial", you would be thrown into a 1,000 pound wooden cylinder and covered with various bacteria and organic materials. Something about this just seems so peaceful.

Here in the State of Idaho, human composting isn't something that has been legalized however there are a couple of options beyond classic burial in a cemetery and cremation.

In Idaho, "alkaline hydrolysis" is an option--a chemical process that breaks your body down into a liquid.

Another unique burial option in the State of Idaho is simply the option to be laid to rest on private property. Home burial, in the backyard or on private property, is legal.

While it may be a morbid topic, eventually, we all have a decision to make as we get closer and closer to death. Would you want to be turned into compost in one of Idaho's pristine forests?


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