If you asked me many years ago if I would be writing an article celebrating police officers I would have laughed at you. I mean, why would I do that? These men and women give you tickets and pick on you 🚔😂

This week marks in a calendar something that probably doesn't get mentioned. Most of us think of police officers and this negative experience comes to mind. I mean honestly, you're only seeing them if something is wrong. I'm sure officers understand that. My experience goes deeper and that's why I wanted to show some love for National Police Officers Week.

Let me make a disclaimer that I've broken the law with great parting gifts as tickets just like you. My last interaction was at 4:30 a.m. and the officer walked up and said, "Mr. Kekeluv, in a hurry for the show this morning aren't you?" She busted me. I'm always watching that speed up on Five Mile in Boise just because of her.

I remember getting pulled over by an officer where I was going 10 miles per hour over and the officer wasn't happy. This man put me in my place for driving so fast with my family in the car and let us off the hook because my wife said, "Sorry officer, it's my fault we're late to see my mom." That officer loved my wife and further explained said I could learn something from her honestly. Yes, I was embarrassed.  Sorry, sir.

LIVE FOR 175 - DAY FOUR - 2018
Photo by: Kekeluv

Let's get to what's most important. I've watched men and women in uniform come out to support our child abuse prevention events for over 13 years. My experiences with law enforcement have been beyond life-changing. I love them. These are my personal experiences that I'm speaking about.

I was sitting next to the head police chief in Nampa as their guest marshall for Parade America and we talked about gang violence. I've sat in a dozen meetings discussing abuse and how we can stop these tragic situations. These aren't just one-off meetings or interactions. This is based on years of events.

I can say I just love it when an officer shows up to our child abuse prevention campaign (Live for 175) in tears because it means so much to them. Witnessing the police on our bike riding in Cycle to Break the Cycle in full uniform is just awesome.

Live For 175 - Day Four 67

The one thing I admire the most is that every day an officer leaves home, they aren't sure whether or not home is where they will end up. That's real life. Don't even get me started on their families because they get no credit. I can't even imagine what it's like to be an officer's spouse.

I'm sentimental for so many reasons when it comes to these men and women. I love the blue. I recognize we're not all perfect and hopefully that continues to change nationally. I just know how much work they put in making our Treasure Valley a safe place to live. Nobody sees all the extra things they do and the additional steps taken to stop negativity behind the badge.

Happy National Police Officer's Week to law enforcement and their families. I've watched your heroics in person and I'm so proud of you.

Here's my favorite quote from a Meridian Police Officer that I will never forget. This was our conversation regarding people calling the police on child abuse cases.

Keke, tell them to call. So many people are afraid they're wrong and maybe that yelling was a laugh. Those neighbors never call because they don't want to get in trouble or make a mistake. Kekeluv, tell them this. Make the mistake. Call us now. We would rather show up and make a mistake versus not show up because you weren't sure or not. That scenario keeps us up at night.

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