It was the first night I was away to college--on my own and surrounded by people I didn't know. A "silent disco" was happening on the quad for the Class of 2016 at Gonzaga and I remember thinking to myself "just another weird bonding event".  Little did I know that it would be both one of the best events I've ever been to and the place I would make so many friends.

If you've never been to a silent disco before--or maybe you have been, and don't want to miss out on another, there's one happening right downtown Boise on December 15th.  On the  fifth floor of the infamous JUMP building downtown, people ages 18 and older can get into a silent disco that is sure to have one of the best views in downtown Boise.

According to the Facebook event, there will be an entire evening of dancing, crafts, and fun in a totally safe environment!

Tickets are just $15 until December, so grab them before prices go up.

For more on the event, click HERE.

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