When I was a kid, I tried my hardest to get into skiing, or snowboarding to be exact. All of my friends did it, my elementary school did ski trips, but I quickly learned I wasn't nearly coordinated enough to survive down a hill.  That said, I don't think I've attempted to make my way up to a ski mountain since the year 2005.

If YOU love to play in the snow, however, you've got some options this weekend and knowing well, many snow bunnies, this news probably has you on the edge of your seat--or ski lift.

Scheduled to open up TOMORROW are Bald and Dollar mountains in Sun Valley. Having live in Spokane for a few years, I know well how popular Schweitzer Mountain is-- they're opening up Friday along side Silver Mountain (in Kellog) and Mullan's Lookout Pass.

No word yet on our own Bogus Basin, however you can check out the web cam (it's gorgeous up there right now) HERE.

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