When I say "Skittles" you probably think..."taste the rainbow" while hearing that whispering voice from childhood tv commercials. Unless you aren't a sucker for crazy good marketing like I apparently am!

When is the last time you saw a GREY skittle? Well, outside of the occasional mystery promotion they have done over the years...never. Let alone an entire pack of grey Skittles in an ALL GREY PACKAGE. How can you taste the rainbow without being able to see it!? Well, this June, Skittles is making it happen.

June is Pride Month nationwide and normally it would be when we hit the town with Boise Pride Festival for one of my favorite and most inclusive events of the entire year. Pride festivals all over the nation, however, have been forced much like Boise, to either cancel or postpone because of COVID-19. According to Skittles, there should only be one rainbow shining this June--that which stands for the LGBTQ+ community.

I think the idea is awesome and I can't wait to track down a pack here in the Treasure Valley. They're going to be available at select Walmarts and CVS locations. Check out their announcement, below:


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