We love living in Boise. Ask anyone who's spent any kind of considerable time here, and they're most likely to agree. It's amazing here, and the people who call it home are well aware.

Unfortunately, folks outside of Boise tend to have some conflicting ideas of what Boise is really all about. Well, we won't stand for it. We love Boise, and we'll fight to make sure no one besmirches her good name!

Luckily for us, we're not the only ones who feel this way. YouTuber Living In Idaho has put out a series of videos praising Boise's best features, and this new one lists the top 14 reasons for living in the city of trees.

Maybe it's the scenary, the food, the kindness of the locals, but everyone has a favorite reason why they choose to live in Boise:

So before more randoms on the internet decide to talk sh*t about Boise, what would you say to them? Let's chat and put together a list so these dumb dumbs know what Boise is really about.

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