I consider it a cardinal sin, and I'm guilty of having committed it. That's right-- as an Idahoan, born and raised and lover of French Fries I completely missed out on National Fry Day.

Um, what?

This is a thing? Our nation has a day dedicated to one of the finest products that our state is able to produce? Yeah, apparently this was yesterday and I completely missed out. Restaurants and even the J.R. Simplot Company had freebies and events all over the Treasure Valley for fry lovers like myself.

Sure, I won't be able to say that I enjoyed some fries on the big day, but I did take the time to compile MY top three spots for fries, right here in the Treasure Valley.

Of course, my favorites aren't everyone's...so you tel me--where do YOU go for a mean fry?

  • 1

    Boise Fry Company

    It's a given, right? An entire restaurant where the menu revolves around what is normally, the side. Pick your potato, pick your sauce..the options are endless. Never been? Check them out, HERE.

  • 2

    Sockeye Brewing

    A hidden gem? Yep, sure is. No, I'm not talking about the beer-- that is no secret. The fries? They're beer battered, crispy, and perfect. They're a must try.

  • 3


    Unpopular opinion? Yes. BUT FIGHT ME ON THIS ONE! Something about a perfectly crispy waffle fry that isn't drowning in salt is the real deal. Pair it with some of their sauce and for me, it's game over.