I don't eat out often because I'm a ridiculously picky eater and I usually just order meat, bread, and potatoes. Even when it comes to sandwiches I just order bread and meat. Don't you dare put vegetables or sauces on my food or I'll be sad. It's almost comical because when my wife and I go out to eat she always orders a salad and I tell them to not put the salad on my burgers. I just realized that I could probably save money if I ordered the veggies and then just gave them to my wife...

My wife especially loves getting sub sandwiches and when they ask what she wants on it she always says 'As many veggies as you can fit'. Sub shops are good about doing just that.

The Jimmy John's 'Home in the Zone' contest will give $250,000 to the winner towards a home purchase. The contest for winning a house is only for those that live more than five minutes from a JJ's shop but even if you live within their area you can still win a prize. They are offering five winners free sandwiches and delivery for a year.

To enter, you need to write your best story on why you should win. You get 250 words to convince them and you can submit your entry anytime before October 4th. Entries can be submitted on the Jimmy John's website.

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