Jimmy Johns is celebrating customer appreciation day today with $1 dollar subs. This is happening today only for a certain time period. Check out times here.

Nick Laham / Stringer
Nick Laham / Stringer

Jimmy Johns is saying thank you today with an exclusive customer appreciation offer from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 2.

Walk into participating Jimmy John's locations and enjoy a $1 dollar sub just for being the great customer you are! This offer is only good today with a few stipulations.

What kind of subs can I get? You can purchase #1-#6, J.J.B.L.T., and Plain Slims.

Can I order more than one sub at a time? No. One sub per person.

Can I get back in line? Yes! Great question. You can get back in line and get another sub, but that is also at store discretion.

Can our office order these for delivery? No. They love your delivery orders, but this is an in-store exclusive only.

What times are these $1 dollar subs available? You can pick up your $1 dollar sub between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Will Flo Rida be performing at Jimmy Johns? No. However, you can see Flo Rida at Boise Music Festival on June 24, Expo Idaho (shameless plug.)

Can I get the $1 dollar sub in the drive-thru? Nope! Those lanes will be closed during this appreciation sale. Don't get mad because I tried to toldya (yes I meant to spell it that way.)

Here are the participating locations and If I missed one, just call ahead!

Participating_Locations___Customer_Appreciation_Day___Jimmy_John_s_Gourmet_Sandwiches 2


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