I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for the paranormal, aliens, and yes, even Bigfoot. However, as much as a fan of “the weird” that I am, I was surprised that I didn’t know about the River Road Bridge in Caldwell which apparently has one of the most horrifying histories in all of Idaho.

According to the site for Great American Ghost Tour, the River Road Bridge (or the Red Train Bridge as it appears on Google Maps) was constructed in 1922 and has since been listed in the National Register of Historic Places back in 2007. But why is haunted? The site says the haunting stems from a woman who apparently hung herself from the bridge long ago. According to HauntedPlaces.org, urban legends say that “if you park your car on the bridge at night and turn off the lights, you will see her shadow on the side of the bridge.”

Immediately intrigued at how terrifying this story is, I did some digging to get some answers. I wanted to learn more from people who have actually experienced paranormal activity at the bridge. If you have any personal stories, photos, or heck, even footage, I would love to hear about it and you can e-mail them to me here.

I was able to even find a video of a ghost hunter having what appears to be an encounter on the actual bridge. So, let’s get into the creepiest eyewitness accounts according to HauntedPlaces.org on one of the most haunted bridges in America… the River Road Bridge in Caldwell, Idaho.

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