It's been a long seven days and the pressures of the week may have worn on your soul, but today is Friday and you know what that means: a new edition of Songs of the Week. The previous edition featured a few solid numbers ranging from Big Gipp's new single and producer Tommy Brown's rapping debut with last week's winner, "Trippin On Me," which has gotten its fair share of spins and has become a fan favorite around The Boombox office.

Last week may have been light on music releases with all of the award shows and other festivities taking place, but this week has been the polar opposite. Everyone from Juicy J ("For Everybody") to Kanye West ("All Day") have been liberating new tracks for the listening public and further proving that this year could be one of the most eventful in recent memory with a murderers row of upcoming projects. After mulling through the possible picks throughout the past few days, the elimination game may have been a headache, but we managed to narrow it down to three winners.

So with all of the conjecture out of the way, we present the latest installment of Songs of the Week featuring Tink, Wale and Kid Cudi. Did your favorite track make the cut? Let's find out.

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    "Ratchet Commandments"


    Much has been said about the musical talent of Chicago artist Tink. Over the past few years, she's went from a local favorite to being under the wing of super-producer Timbaland and catching comparisons to Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott. Tink shows the public what all the hype is about with her latest release, "Ratchet Commandments." In a time where promiscuity and being the side chick is all the rage, the young MC goes in the opposite direction and scores a banger in the process.

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    "The Matrimony"

    Wale Feat. Usher

    Wale may get fronted on when it comes to social media, but when it comes to making music, he's no slouch. Since joining the house that the Bawse built, Mr. Folarin has yet to rest on his laurels, releasing a steady stream of quality music over the past few years. Feeling underrated in comparison to some of his peers, Wale had made it a point to prove the haters wrong, crafting what may be a career defining LP in his upcoming release, The Album About Nothing. Earlier this week, the D.M.V. native unleashed the first single, "The Matrimony." The effort is a passionate number featuring veteran crooner Usher that should continue his streak of successful collabs with R&B artists and be a radio favorite and keep the MC's voice in heavy rotation.

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    Kid Cudi

    Kid Cudi is an enigma of sorts. So much so that you never know what his next move will be due to him flying beneath the radar in comparison to other artists. This past week, however, the Ohio native came out of hibernation and dropped a track that is both stellar and addictive -- two traits that are invaluable to having a hit. We feel Cudi may have a smash on his hands here. But what is set in stone is that "Love" is the kind of song that deserves to get the top slot in this week's lineup of artists.

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