If there is one thing I'm terrified of, it's snakes.  A close second? Spiders.  I can kill them just fine and I definitely don't run from them.  But does anyone actually LIKE spiders?

It's been a while since we've talked about #JustMateoThings and I don't know if this is really MY problem, but it's my current situation. I keep finding spiders in my apartment!

I live on the first floor, which I've never done before.  It has definitely taken some getting used to--even just going to sleep with my windows open...on the first floor...maybe I'm just crazy.  I've been reading online about first floor apartments and apparently bugs are more common in them--but how do I KEEP THEM OUT!?  There aren't a TON of spiders, but I definitely find at least one every other day.  Most often they're on my living room floor, so I am wondering if they could be coming through the baseboards?  I don't want chemicals everywhere and bug bombs weird me out...any tips on getting RID of these things?  The picture above is what they all look like...these aren't poisonous, right??

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