The movie "It" has broken all sorts of records and is receiving amazing reviews. If you haven't seen it, I think I've found the best/creepiest place to watch it in the Treasure Valley. If you like to be scared, your mind will mess with you at this place. 

FYI, there's NSFW language in the tweets. It's necessary to post these to give you an idea of just how scary this weekend was - for at least one person.

Then this...

That's messed up, right?

I was looking at the tweets and posts on Insta and Facebook of people tying red balloons to the sewer grates. It's freaky. So freaky. How can we take it to another level, though?

I'm the type of person who just needs an idea of something scary with a detailed description and it becomes all I can think about. Then I continue to obsess and terrify myself. All of this is running through my head as I'm thinking about seeing "It" in theaters.

Or not.

What if you went to the Terrace Drive-In Theatre and saw the movie? It's playing this weekend and the weather is supposed to be chilly between Thursday and Saturday night. Think of watching the movie in the darkness while you continuously check over your shoulder for what's behind you.

Are you willing to watch the movie parked outside?

Mwahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh...

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