I’m going to quickly set the scene for a very unprecedented evening I had the other night. My wife, three-year-old and I visited Bardenay for a nice dinner. As we were wrapping up our meals, I couldn’t help but notice how increasingly fussy my daughter was becoming as the night progressed. She began crying, asking me to hold her. Once she was in my arms, I could sense she had a high temperature. We immediately got our check and headed out. Things quickly took a turn for the worst once we got on the road. My three year old ended up blowing chunks all over the car about two minutes into the drive!! I sped to the closest store, a Winco, to run inside and get the essentials: wipes, paper towels, and baby Tylenol. Being the frantic person I am in these situations I wasn’t paying too close attention to what was going on around me, as I was on a mission to get these items and bust a move. Just as I was grabbing the Tylenol I turned and nearly bumped into a woman that caused me to freeze in my tracks. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and pinch myself- this woman literally had a gigantic green boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and arms! AND IT WAS REAL. I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what I saw. It was then I noticed everyone in the store within eye sight was stopped and staring in horror as well. I tried to shake it off and quickly got away from the snake. As I rounded the last aisle of the store I saw three security guards rushing toward the woman. It looked like they meant business! Something in my gut tells me you can NOT just bring a boa constrictor into a Winco, or any store for that matter. I hate snakes, so I got out of there as fast as I could. I’ll be honest though I wish I knew what came of this situation!

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