Alright, Boise. I take back everything I said about us not being a St. Patrick's Day town. Yesterday (and especially last night), you all came out! Perhaps it was the holiday, a reason to wear green, or the fact that it was the first beautiful Saturday we've had in a long time--the town was BUZZING. Fatty's was a riot as always and I think it's safe to say I've never seen such a long line into that bar, ever!

Of course, with people out and about everywhere, this weekend more than ever, people are noticing each other and fueling our very own, local missed connections!  Here's this weeks, in my best of the best!

U were looking at me we stole a glance and your friend or boyfriend carried your dumbass away and you kept on looking over his shoulder over and over i was honestly turned on.

You were in an orange hoodie and beanie, I think? Outside Fattys Bar. I was all about it but had to go. I had long hair and you said “god damn” as I was walking away. Hit me UP. Y’all please help me find this one.


Hey miss Magoo. You had a Roman five tattoo on your bicep. I was sitting next to you while you where filing silverware. I saw this number and it made crazy.



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