Are you really from Boise if you haven’t complained about the ridiculous traffic and never ending construction on State Street? I moved back to Boise exactly one year ago, and I feel that though there has been a little progress, it’s unbelievable how much there is still to go. I’ve just learned the large undertaking is not set to be completed until October of 2019! I’m surprised it’s going to take another whole year for it’s completion. Construction crews have just embarked on the newest chunk of the project, bringing Collister Street in on a new part of State Street. The canal that currently runs a long the side of the road will eventually end up below the street. Bike lines and a bus stop will also be added, ultimately creating a space that is much safer and beneficial for all. It’s hard to be patient, especially when some local businesses have been affected by the construction. I personally have stopped going for coffee at my usual spots on State, just because it takes too long on my way into work in the morning. The entire project for the Collister portion is ringing in at $9.5 million dollars.

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