A trend sweeping the United States has people talking--especially animal lovers.

Should states take on animal abuse registration lists? Should those who abuse animals, need to register as such within their states--prohibiting their ability to adopt other animals?

As a pet owner myself-- I can't imagine anyone ever being mean or abusive to my cat. In fact, aside from being a total introvert, that is a main reason I have avoided roommate since college--what is someone I am living with decided to be mean to my cat when I'm not around? Not cool.

Another element to this argument is that, in the case of New York, many say that animal abuse is a bridge to crime. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and more infamous criminals have a known history of injuring animals prior to targeting people.

New York is just one of eleven states that have bills concerning this animal abuse registry working their way through their respective legislatures.

What do you think? Should this be something that Idaho adopts?

More on the bills and arguments in support of them, HERE.

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