You work hard all week. Some workdays seem like they will never end but you push through because you know that soon enough the weekend will be come and then you will be able to reap the fruits of your labor with some much needed rest and relaxation. If you've been to Sun Valley you know that it's one of those magical places where you can get away from the world. A place to regain your sanity, a place to rejuvenate and ready yourself for another grueling week.

However if you're looking for rest and relaxation this weekend Sun Valley is NOT the place to be. The Sun Valley Tour De Force kicks off of today, Thursday July 22nd and I can guarantee you that the earth will be shaking all weekend as the fastest high end exotic cars in the world will gather in this quiet little Idaho town.

Sun Valley Tour De Force describes this weekend perfectly... "The fourth annual Sun Valley Tour de Force on July 22-24, 2021 is a weekend of epic proportions for car lovers of all ages. Over the course of three days six+ events take place. The signature event of the weekend is the high speed runs at Phantom Hill. Located in the heart of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, 3.2 miles of state highway becomes a no-speed limit zone. For one day only, drivers are allowed to put their machines to the ultimate test. In 2019, all previously recorded speed records were broken when a Bugatti Chiron hit 253.01mph. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. Additional weekend events include a downtown car show, leisure mountain drives, hosted sponsor events and evening activities."

If you're looking for some downtime and some rest &relaxation, Sun Valley is definitely not the place to be this weekend. Do you agree?


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