You may have seen the story online after the weekend-- the star atop the Grove Plaza Christmas Tree was stolen. It was a story that most compared to a Grinch stealing Boise's Christmas spirit.

You can check out the complete story on the star being stolen, HERE. However in short-- a guest at The Grove Hotel spotted a shaking Christmas Tree out his window in the plaza at 3:00 a.m.  He captured the star being stolen on video, however it's impossible to tell who the "grinch" was.

Not only did the person who stole the star return it to Boise Police, but attached was $100.  The star is valued at $500 and the Downtown Boise Association says it may need some repairs.

According to Boise Police, the star thief could face charges, so I want to you think that he/she, should?

I in no way believe someone who came out honestly and returned the star should face any legal consequence. I think we've all made some bad decisions before and this is NOT mission critical to the city or our judicial system. I appreciate the persons honesty.

What are your thoughts? To charge, or not to charge....that is the question.

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