Boise is known for being big enough to be considered a “city,” because it has lots of amenities and fun things to do…

Yet, because of its overall cleanliness and the friendliness of its citizens, it still holds that small town vibe.


Part of Boise's charm is all of its greenery, including the numerous beautiful parks that weave throughout the City of Trees.

But in order to properly maintain these parks and for the safety of those who use them, the city has specific rules, regulations and guidelines set in place for citizens to follow. 

Basically, a list of what NOT to do in Boise’s parks.


Some of the rules are completely understandable. They make a lot of sense as to why they were specifically drawn out – in order to avoid any confusion or altercations.

But most of the items listed below absolutely crack me up, because you just KNOW that it was someone’s dumb friend who said, “Hold my beer,” and then proceeded to set the need for these rules.


And you know I’m right, because we ALL have that one friend that we can get to do just about anything… Heck, I’m sure there’s plenty of times when I’ve been that one dumb friend in the past.

But that's beside the point.

With springtime right around the corner and with the weather (slowly) getting warmer, we thought now would be the perfect time to go over some of these weird and funny rules, so we can all enjoy Idaho's warm months to the fullest.

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