What is Stroller Safari? I asked myself the same question and that's why I'm writing this now. Stroller Safari is an event held at Zoo Boise to integrate families with the animals for one day. This is an exclusive guided tour versus showing up trying to figure out the map. You might be surprised on how much you miss without some type of tour.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

We just got back from the Oregon coast and took our son to the aquarium for the first time. You don't really know what's there until you leaving realizing, "What happened to all the sharks??" If you REALLY want a great tour to see the history of why these animals exist and where the new Pandas are - take the Stroller Safari tour on Thursday.


I was reading from Zoo Boise's presser and this looks like an amazing opportunity to learn about everything at the Zoo. There will also be activities to educate your little ones about the animals at Zoo Boise and wildlife. This is a tour will more dates, different workshops, and themed experiences. Adults must enroll and two children are permitted per adult. This is for everyone's safety and to ensure fun for all. Zoo Boise is specific on unregistered children and adults. No attendance without enrollment. Prices DO include admission.

$5 for FoZB pass holders.

$6 for unregistered children.

Each Stroller Safari is 30 minutes and from 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Get more details at Zoo Boise's website and here's a snapshot of the remaining dates.

September 21, September 28, October 12, October 19, October 26.

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