A recent survey thinks they're onto something--labeling each state's "gateway" dessert--the one that could lead to obesity.

Idaho's is a little predictable, if there is even any truth to their findings. Other states however, were quite interesting.

Let's get down to it--which desserts are the most dangerous in our area?

Survey Says These 5 States' Delicious Desserts Are Gateways to Obesity

We won't lie--every single one of these desserts looks amazing and we'd like to try all of them.

So what are these desserts anyway? 

We were most confused by Washington's because we had never heard of it. A "Nanaimo Bar" is a dessert that you don't even have to bake. Apparently it originates from British Columbia, Canada and consists of three layers: wafer, nut, and coconut crumbs on the base, with custard and chocolate on top, in layers.

Oregon's treat was very familiar to us--a Marionberry pie! A Marionberry, if you're unfamiliar, is similar to a blackberry and accounts for over half of the blackberries produced in Oregon--hence the popularity in pies!

Utah's was quite simple--our question is: why Jell-O?

In California, a Meyer Lemon Cake is their alleged delicacy--or--dessert that is a gateway to obesity. We learned that it's just a lemon cake with a certain "Meyer" breed of lemons.

Finally-- Idaho and our beloved Ice Cream potato! A giant "ball" of vanilla ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, topped with all sorts of chocolates and cremes--they look just like an Idaho baked potato!

As for the survey that compiled all of these-- only 3,000 or so respondents reflect all 50 states, so we're taking their results with a grain of salt and acknowledging their headline as a little dramatic. However--for Idaho, their findings cite that 22% of Idahoans would break a healthy eating pattern just to have an ice cream potato.

The Ice Cream Potato

If you're also new to the Treasure Valley, let me introduce you to the Ice Cream Potato. They do an amazing job of making it look like an actual potato but it's actually vanilla ice cream covers in cocoa, which gives it that potato look!

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