There are inches of snow in your yard right now, it's cold, and odds are you're doing one of two things: binge watching some tv or hitting the ski slopes. Oh, Idaho--there's always something!

You like us love to watch, stream, and binge a number of different television shows. But are your favorites the same as those that are allegedly, Idaho's favorites? Here's a look at the Top 5!

Idaho's Most Binged TV Shows

There are a lot of great series' on television and the many streaming platforms that we all have-- but which are most popular in Idaho? A recent study says that these are...

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Did any of your favorites make the list!?

The list goes all of the way to 10--but we noticed that the further one is to go down on the list, the less that the data seems to add up, with only a small number of 'searches' for the respective shows. So, let's dive into the data-- just how reliable is the study? We have questions.

Compiled by 'CSGO', a gambling site, we're struggling to see the real credibility.

According to their release on the study, the group analyzed monthly Google searches for television shows by state. Monthly searches for Frasier, for example, the third ranked show? They came in under 1,000. Seems a little low.

If we were to pick apart their methodology, we could also argue that someone searching the show on Google certainly doesn't equate actually watching or caring for the show. The leading show, 'Black Mirror', may lead to more searches because of it's mysterious nature but not necessarily more viewers.

Anything with Aaron Paul in it is our First Place Vote, however, so despite our skepticism, we're totally fine with the results!

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