I saw a meme online just last week that said Summer 2020 was going to be "all about personality" with the gyms closed due to COVID-19. I got a good laugh out of it because I, like many, really wish gyms were open. Getting a work out in before I go on the air here at 103.5 KISS FM became such a natural way for me to get a natural energy rush and a stress release before getting to do the crazy-fun aspect of my job.

A lot of people, amid this virus, may have been doing SO WELL with their fitness goals and are now feeling stranded. I get it-- I felt like that for several weeks too--and still do to an extent. Being IN a gym is motivating and empowering. For now, we're all being challenged to hold ourselves accountable.

I brought in my friend a local business owner Brett Denton to talk about what we can all do to stay in shape during this period. His suggestion? We should all be coming out of this EVEN BETTER than we went in.

Check out my full discussion with Brett, below:

If you're looking for more details on how to get involved with Brett's 21-Day challenge, which is going to help YOU and local businesses struggling right now, you can learn more HERE.

Each wee, I'm going to be chatting it up with Brett Denton to answer YOUR personal fitness and wellness questions. He's one of those guys that is able to make any sort of information manageable and when it comes to health questions, everyone online is "the expert"...NOT.  Consider this your shot to have your own personal trainer's advice right here on KISS FM.

Have a question about nutrition, health, fitness, or your own personal situation/journey? Fill out this form below. We'll be tackling them every single Monday! No need to even include your name, just an email address so we can let you know when your answer is on the way!


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