I've said it well over a few thousand times on social media, on the air, and here on our website this week: there is no time like the present to support local business here in the Treasure Valley.  Bars, restaurants, car washes, gyms, boutiques, and so on. You name an industry and odds are the madness that has become coronavirus has impacted them in some way.

Sharing with you my positive experience at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition, a locally owned and operated fitness center in downtown Boise (and now with a second location in Meridian), is nothing new.  I've had the privilege of working out at Kvell Fitness for well over two years now and since leaving competitive sports behind in high school, I never would have seen myself as someone who "NEEDS" to go to the gym. The workouts at Kvell leave me wanting more and you can ask any of my co-workers...when I miss a day at Kvell, I'm not a happy camper.

Everything that owner Brett Denton executes through his Kvell facilities are rooted in community. Now, as local business owners like Denton search for ways to make sure they're able to survive this coronavirus outbreak, Denton is looking out for his clientele like myself that are wishing they could be in the gym during this outbreak, all while looking out for his peers-- other business owners in town.

Kvell Fitness and Nutrition has announced they will be holding a 21-day 'Boise Strong' Wellness Challenge open to ANYONE-- member of Kvell Fitness & Nutrition or not.  No equipment is required and allow me to speak from experience-- these body-weight workouts will be far from easy! Of course, with these workouts there is always a movement, modification, or option for EVERYONE of ANY fitness ability.

You can opt-in to this challenge for a donation-- a donation that is going to serve as a major win-win.  Donations will be pooled together and used to purchase gift cards from LOCAL businesses--oh, and they'll be given out as prizes for the 21-day challenge participants as well.  Nobody loses here.

I'm so sure that you'll love what this challenge is all about-- and yes, you'll need to hold yourself accountable. If you donate $25 or more to join the challenge, you can opt-in to one of Kvell's challenges in the gym that can cost up to $297-- FREE-- as soon as things are back up and running!

Kvell is just asking you to name a fair price that works for you for your donation. $15? Great. $50? Awesome.

This challenge is going to help you power through the next few weeks of coronavirus uncertainty as much as it will help local businesses power through as well.

For more on the challenge, CLICK HERE.

Check out a video from owner Brett Denton, below:


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