This Sunday is the big game. Super Bowl is basically a national holiday in America and while most of us don't have a horse in the race ( let's face it this year Tampa and Kansas City are the only ones that care outside of hardcore fans) we all enjoy partaking in the various gatherings that mostly revolve around food. As a matter of fact there is so much food consumed on Super Bowl Sunday that it is the 2nd largest food holiday in America behind Thanksgiving. While you chew on that read a five more Super Bowl food facts according to premiofoods.

1. On Super Bowl Sunday one in seven Americans order take out. This is not the case on the number one food holiday - Thanksgiving

2. Pizza is the most popular Super Bowl Sunday food. Pizza accounts for sixty percent off all food deliveries / take out on Super Sunday.

3. Chicken Wings are the second most popular food. More than 100 million pounds of chicken will be consumed and that equals out to be about 1.25 billion wings.

4. Over 50 percent of people that eat chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday will dip them in ranch dressing.

5. When it comes to dipping snacks, veggies are popular but chips reign supreme. 11.2 million chips will be consumed / dipped on Sunday. 8.2 million tortilla chips will be devoured and 4 million pretzels will go down the hatch.

No matter what you eat this Super Bowl Sunday, keep this in mind... Antacid sales increase about 20% after the game. One more fun fact... about 1.5 million Americans call in sick to work on Monday morning.


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