Ever get sick of hearing "oh, you're sneezing? Yeah-- that's going around."

So cliche.

However, this time of year-- it really is going around and it's time to boost up on your hand sanitizing and vitamins. Or does that even make a difference?

A handful of co-workers here at the radio station have been fighting a nasty cold and though I thought I would survive the plague, I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I felt bad enough to visit a doctor and bad enough to wonder-- "how am I going to talk on the radio today". That's the first time ever I've questioned being able to talk!

So, here I am, with a swollen, sore throat and a negative strep test. The doctor said "you've just got the cold that's going around."

I appreciate the info, Doc, but it's time to check out some home remedies.

Here's where I need YOU...what do you do to power through a cold?

Onions in your socks at night? Underwear in the freezer!? I've read some crazy theories on the internet-- I just need to know which ones work.

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