If there's one thing about folks here in the Treasure Valley, it is that we all love to support our own. If there's a local option for just about anything--we're going to find a way to buy that instead of a national chain brand.

A blessing of our area is the growing diversity--which in turn has brought some amazing, homemade cuisine to our foodie scene. Let's taco-bout....tacos.

If you're a taco lover--you know all about La Garnacha Que Apapacha. That famous Nampa taco truck that is--or was-- painted bright yellow. Lines to get tacos on most nights were a mile long and nobody in the area had mastered birria the way that Mr. Chanks, the owner of La Garnacha, had.

He quickly broke the hearts of THOUSANDS when the truck outgrew "truck status" and opened a physical location...in Boise! We now know that Nampa will soon have their tacos back.

Never heard of La Garnacha? You've been missing out!

Inside Nampa's Most Popular Taco Truck

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Our mouths are WATERING right now!

The good news for Nampa? These tacos are on their way back to town.

So what's the scoop on the expansion? Details are vague at this time, but Mr. Chanks at Garnacha has told us that yes--Nampa is about to get their fix of birria back. And soon.

In a video recently posted, Mr. Chanks explained that while the in-store business is going great, they know that there is a desire for the return of a truck--and they're literally in the process of making that happen right now.

All that we can share at the moment is that sometime in April, the new Garnacha Que Apapacha truck will be ready to roll and at that time, Mr. Chanks will be finding a new location in Nampa to pull up and serve the area's most popular tacos.

Nampa--hang tight. They're almost back!

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