I was so excited for the first Taco Tuesday of 2021 but no matter how excited one gets the fact of the matter is that "the taco unfolds the way the taco unfolds" and sometimes all we can do is watch it happen.

Before we get to the good stuff allow me to share our one disclaimer. we never accept free food because our goal is to provide a service for our listeners and readers. The point is to share our unbiased opinion and if we accepted free food we might feel the need to give someone a better review than they might deserve. Now let's talk tacos.

Taqueria El Torito on State street got the honor of being the first Taco Tuesday spot we hit in 2021. Upon walking in we were greeted by a very kind gentlemen and from that moment I just wanted the food to match the service. If the food was half as good as the service this Taco Tuesday was gonna be a win. Both Mateo and I ordered their special Torito Carne asada taco, a grilled chicken taco and a shrimp taco. The shrimp taco was not bad at all however the carne asada taco and the grilled chicken taco both tasted gamey almost like the meat had been grilled, sliced and then let sit on the grill to a point where it dried out. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. Mateo and I both scored these tacos a one out of five tacos on the Taco Tuesday scale. Great service, not so great tacos.


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