Taco Tuesday would be my favorite day of the week if it was on Friday. Nevertheless I love a Taco Tuesday and I love trying a different taco spot every week which is how this weekly review came about. Today Mateo and I did the 2C slide and headed to Nampa to a place right off the 84 and Franklin... Pantera Market #2. This is an interesting place in that it's a grocery store that carries Mexican products and also has a taco shop within. As always we got an Adobada taco, a Carne asada and a Pollo which is chicken. By the we get the same 3 tacos every week for comparisons sake.

The Adobada was specially good, the Carne was delish and the Pollo was ok. I prefer grilled chicken and this pollo taco was shredded and not my favorite. The service and the prices were good and the place was clean and practicing social distancing. Mateo gave it 3.5 tacos out of 5 and I agree. I hear that their Tortas are exceptional. I would definitely go back and you should stop in the next time you're in Nampa.



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