The Bluetooth Pacifier Is Here
The Bluetooth Pacifier is finally here and syncs with your smart phone.  Say goodbye to those outdated wannabe nipples!  This is legit and check out what else it does.
Baby Confused When Meeting Twins [VIDEO]
Honestly, if I was this baby.. at this age.. I would be concerned too! Like, at this point in a small child's life I would think when he comes across his reflection he's going to be like ... "Whaaaaaa da"! I still get this way when I see twins out in public, and I'm …
Baby Hears For The First Time
I woke up this mornings to the "Today Show", this only happens when I fall asleep during "Late Night With Seth Meyers". The Today Show has a segment called "Miracle Moments". I will admit that this video for sure had me choked up. This tiny child in the video suffers fr…
Creative Baby Announcement
I dunno...bossman and Paige are going to have to step up their game while preparing for Baby Luv's gender reveal now, because this is the most creative baby announcement I've ever seen!