The miracle of having a child is truly a wonderful one. As a father of two, there is nothing like having your own humans; children to raise and love. Now, because I am a father and not my children’s mother, I didn’t have to carry our children around for nine months or birth them into the world; salute to her for being the warrior she is!

That being said, as men, we want to help. The problem with that from time to time is that we need help. Over the years, I’ve heard of several men finding ways to keep occupied during labor. That marathon of pain women endure so our children can be born; as men, what do we do?

Sure, you can encourage your significant other as you see in the movies, but newsflash: this isn’t the movies. You could spend hours in the delivery room before it’s time for your newborn to enter the world. While I can’t confidently tell you what you should do, I can definitely tell you what not to do.

Let’s take a look at the top seven things you should never do in an Idaho delivery room.

Here Are 7 Things You Never Should Do in an Idaho Delivery Room

If you're a soon-to-be-dad and need some solid advice going into the delivery room, here are seven things you should never do.

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