Cruise & Box

Cruise & Box: COPS
Live For 175 brought out the best the Treasure Valley has to offer, including the Eagle Police.

Who generously adopted Cruise & Box as two of their own.
Day 6 Photos
Michelle and Mateo had a dance-off, CYCLEBAR came back and kicked everyone's butt on the bike, and more. Check it all out below
Day 4 Photos
We're about halfway through Year 10 of Live for 175 & nothing has stopped us from cycling to break the cycle of child abuse. Check out photos from Day 4 below & be sure to post yours on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #LiveFor175. 
Live For 175 Day 3 Photos
Day 3 was one of the most emotional days we've had in the history of Live for 175. We rode for one of our own who we lost this last year. Day 3 was about being together, having fun, and remembering why we cycle to break the cycle of child abuse...
Live for 175 Live Stream
Watch. Listen. Experience. Follow along as we power through 175 hours of cycling to break the cycle of child abuse. It's the 10th year of Live for 175 - you never know what will happen.
This is a Game-Changer for Albertsons' Monopoly
Confession: I bought flowers for my fiance at Albertsons (instead of any other place) so I could collect the Monopoly pieces. I'm obsessed but I'm hearing that my pieces could all be void because of what I'm doing wrong. You may be doing it, too.

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